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2017-02-18 15:46
2017-02-18 10:00
wakkagtav download estimate for 60gb 1 day 6 hours
2017-02-18 08:57
wakkaI may of been drunk last night
2017-02-17 16:22
Halmir"Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!" Did worm make it???
2017-02-17 15:57

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Good News !
  2016-12-22 22:32 by Halmir
Wakka's new ADSL connection is being worked on by BT's Third Line support and he should be back online shortly

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Battlefield 1
  2016-09-02 19:17 by Halmir
This is actually a far better experience than I was expecting! Lots of nice little details - such as when you see someone enter a vehicle, you do actually SEE them do it, they're not just hovering outside and then teleport it. And you're still vulnerable until you close that armoured hatch, some swine sniped me in an armoured car when I only had about a foot left to close :-(

48 a side is an outrageous number but on the Sinai Desert map for the open Beta (think Lawrence of Arabia, with the occasional armoured train!) that works fine, with 7 flags to fight over. Plenty of sniper duels or the occasional Lewis Gun spam (I must get me one of those!). Early planes (fighter and bombers), early tanks, armoured cars and yes even the occasional horse.

Normal team play problems (for now) - squad leaders generally don't have a clue about giving orders, and getting the bonuses that result for anyone following orders. The one time that I actually had someone follow my squad orders with me, I finished top of the scoreboard

The game is rumoured to be 70 quid on launch, a bit cheaper if you are in the Beta and pre-order. But based on the one map so far, it might actually be worth it....


Update: £50 now if pre-ordered on Origin

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BLOPS3 - Custom - Zombies - Black Ops 3
  2016-06-28 12:10 by wakka

A wakka production.

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